Good morning! (or good evening, wherever you are.)

I thought I’d share a bit of my gems for how I care for my skin as I rise and seize the day. Many people believe it takes a lot of steps to having bomb skin, but my routine is actually pretty simple. So without further ado, let’s get into what I do to my face in the morning.

*Since we’re in an era of disclaimers, this is how I take care of my skin. Please be advised. Sensitivity is fine and all, but this is MY skin, not yours. Okurt? Okurt.

Step #1: Splash my face with cold water.

This step is purely for the “wake up” factor in the morning. I also think it helps with any puffiness I have the morning due to the cold water, but I like it for a good pick me up. This step also preps my skin for the next step.

Step #2: Oil Cleanse.

Now in a previous post I raved about this method of cleaning the face, and I really enjoy it in the morning. I get some cold-pressed Castor Oil and put a quarter-sized amount on my palm, then I rub it on my face and neck in circular motions. I do this for about 60 seconds.

I love this because I get to really massage my skin, adding circulation throughout my face. My brows and eyelashes also get an added boost of growth and conditioning from the castor oil. Yeen know that castor oil thickens brows, lashes and edges right?

Free game, babe.

To remove the oil, I use thy damp washcloth that I wet with hot water from the faucet, pat that over my face and neck, let it rest for a couple seconds, and wipe the oil off. Simple. After rinsing the oil and wringing washcloth. I do that about three more times.

Step #3: Tony! Toni! Toné! Sike, just use Toner.

Toner is lovely. Toner is awesome. I use it daily and it is essential. The choice of toner is up to you, my natural faves are either rose water or witch hazel. I put some on a cotton ball or round, then smooth all over my face and neck.

Step #4: Moisturize & Protect

In the morning I put on my favorite sunscreen as my facial moisturizer. It gives me a glow and it leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and most importantly, protected from the sun! Hitting on all fronts is the keyyyyyyyy, I am telling you. I must, must, must have this sunscreen, y’all.

Step #5: Wait a minute…

…more like several minutes. I always give my skin 10-15 minutes to absorb product before I put any makeup on. So this is the time when I’ll get dressed, do my hair, and whatever else is apart of my morning routine. After that I’ll put makeup on and that is that. I’m finished!


Well. Yeah.

Wasn’t that not so tedious and complicated? I like to be minimal nowadays, and this routine really works for me in the morning. Hopefully this gives you some insight into how I currently treat my skin in the AM. Thanks for reading!

Wishing You More ‘Good Morning’s’ Every Morning,

Evie xoxo

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