Wow, we’re day one into a new decade, y’all. First things, first, if you’re reading this post, you made it into the new year. That is a privilege. I’m so happy that we can continue our skincare and wellness journey together into the new year and we can actually map out how to keep this “New Year, New Year” energy past February when most people fall off!

That is partially why I don’t believe in resolutions anymore. This post is about focus and determination for your personal glow goals, and your skincare goals. Grab a pen and paper, folks. Resolution who?


Here is why that pen and paper comes in handy. We are going to write down EVERY DAY these things:

  • five things you are grateful for
  • five things you are manifesting for

Simple. There are no limits or guidelines to what to write since it is personal to you, but this exercise helps keep you accountable and grounded on what matters and what direction you are paving the way towards a better self. The beginning of every year I write down specific goals for myself that I want to accomplish.

When you journal daily (I missed a lot of days in 2019, one goal of mine is to remain consistent!) you can refer back to the bigger goals you initially wrote in your journal and think about how you want to manifest that into your life by breaking that bigger goal down to smaller manifestation goals that you can work on daily.


I’m laughing writing this. Yes, the order of sequence is odd, but it’s intentional. I like to start my day journaling when I first wake up and before I go to bed. Naturally after you get out of bed you wash your face, brush your teeth and make your bed right? Well, most of us do half of those things. 🥴

Fear not. This is a mental glow tip AND a physical glow tip.

Making your bed does help you stay productive. It is more than our parents nagging us when we were kids. It will change your life. It signals to your brain that you completed a task, and what happens when you finish a task? You feel bomb! You have a sense of pride, and therefore you have more incentive to complete more tasks in the day versus if you didn’t make your bed in the morning.

If you’re already a tidy person and this is just white noise to you, touché friend. But for those of you who are less than tidy, give this a try with the journaling combo and see how you feel after a week.

Bonus: keep track of your feelings daily in your journal.

As for washing your face, I mean it. Not just a splash of cold water here and there with some bar soap (not hating on bar soap, check thy ingredients), but actually spend time to lather and massage your face. I like to double cleanse and I spend about 2 minutes washing my face. It has done wonders to the overall clarity of my complexion. More on that here.

If you’re noticing a theme here, I’m speaking about discipline. This is the main reason why I don’t practice resolutions anymore because there isn’t a start time and end date for discipline. The focus is on the overall goal in the grand scheme of things rather than a number changing on a calendar. That is what keeps this sustainable and realistic.


Move in silence. You’d be surprised how sharing too much and being too open can lead to your detriment. Vision and focus go hand in hand, but there are many powers that be that will get in the way of you achieving your goals. I think this is the most key portion of this post. Not everyone has your best interest. Not everyone wants to see you ascend. Running your mouth can real life talk you out of important opportunities.

When people do see the fruits of your labor, then they’ll know what time it is, because you put more heart and energy on your focus, rather than putting it in announcements.

Stealth is wealth.


When shopping for skincare, really try not to fall into the hype. I love, love, LOVE skincare products. I also love shopping in general. I also love saving money. Being a product junkies takes all my money. I want my money. I’m sure you want yours too.

Take the time to educate yourself on skincare ingredients in products and see how compatible they are to your skin type. Thankfully, YouTube and the world wide web (don’t I sound like I’m 80 years old when I said that? 😭) there are so many resources out there for your education and when you know such ingredients, shopping for skincare is a lot easier since you’ll know which products work for your skin type and your skin concerns.

Want to find your skin type? I gotcha covered, love.

2020 means we’re not falling for hype. We’re being intentional (and I’m intentionally lightening a dark spot I got from hormonal acne smh) and glowing all year.

Sidebar: drop a comment below on if you want a post on skincare ingredients!


No, this isn’t about being #unbothered. That was left in 2019. We have emotions and they deserve to be addressed, not suppressed. But what I’m talking about here is a life lesson that will literally change your life forever.

If someone doesn’t care as much about you, you do not return the favor to them. This goes for all relationships. Romantic ones, friendships, family, neighbors, etc. If people don’t hold you to the same regard as you hold towards them, do not partake in caring too much about tending to their needs and inconveniences. Don’t take it personally, just know what time it is and move on. Some people may disagree with me on this, but people tell on themselves ALL the time. Not by mouth, but by their actions.

Continue being kind and being yourself. Hold no grudges toward anyone, but don’t be upset or disappointed if you thought a person held you to the same level that you hold them, and you realize that it’s not matching on the wavelength and/or frequency that you desire.

It’s life. It’s wisdom, and the quicker you get this concept, the more you’ll be able to read people better.

Stop treating people better than they treat you. Why? Because it subconsciously shows them that you perceive them as better than you perceive yourself. Sometimes we get caught up in caring too much about other peoples feelings and inconveniences but they will never put that same energy your way, in the same level that demonstrate towards them.

This is key for focus. This is key for vision. This is key for 2020. Heck, this is key for this decade and beyond.

In the same token, don’t be careless. I want to stress that this shouldn’t be taken out of fear or pessimism. This is really a sense of wisdom that helps sharpen our minds with who we surround ourselves around, and also how we interact with those that you choose (or not) to be close to you. Birds of a feather flock to together and the lassssssst thing we want in 2020, is to have our feathers ruffled over situations that could’ve been avoided.

Great news! When you know better you do better… and if you’ve exhibited this behavior before (I know I have), don’t beat yourself up over things that you didn’t know. Give yourself some grace. We all make mistakes.

All in all. Happy New Year and Happy 2020, everyone. Wishing you abundance, prosperity and most importantly, that you GLOW FOR A LIVING.



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