Hey y’all. Chances are you are here because your makeup has been on slip-n-slide this summer. Raise your hand if you just ADORE a melting face of makeup on a hot summer date!

*crickets chirp* Nobody? Nada? Oh. That’s what I thought.

But fear no more, there is a way to be bomb this summer yet keep the slayage remaining on your face. Below are my top tips to have amazing makeup, without being labeled as a cake boss. Read on, luvs.

1. Skin Prep is Crucial


When my skin is super juicy and moisturized, I find that my makeup looks so much better. I barely have to add highlighter because I prefer the “not so obvious look” of highlighter nowadays. If you see a stripe of glitter on my cheek from a mile away, I’m not a fan. Especially for real life, day-to-day makeup. But again, this is MY preference. Dew you, boo. (See what I did there? “Dew = Do” LOL.)

You want prepare your face, which is also known as your base, for makeup application. This means having a clean face. Refer to my older post for inspiration on how I wash my face.  A clean face is extremely important because we do not want to promote acne from clogging our pores if there is any residue left behind. The rest of your skincare routine should follow, which leads me to the ticket of “SKIN-LIKE” makeup.


Now whatever moisturizer that suits your skin type is welcome around these parts. What I want you to do is to add a more generous amount of moisturizer onto your face, and to let it sit.

Relax a bit. Woo-saw. Sip a cup of tea.

You know how everybody is “baking” nowadays? You know, when you let loose powder sit on your skin before wiping it off? Well, that process is similar with moisturizer application except we’re not going to wipe any juicy product off.

The principle of adding loads of moisturizer is due to allow our skin to be on level 10 of luminosity. I’ll look shiny right after applying, but once it sets in, my skin looks super healthy and has a bounce to it. We want that juicy look so any powder we apply after just melts into the skin.

2. Enhance Thy Features

What is your favorite feature on your face? For me (other than my skin), it is my eyebrows, lips and nose. So I focus on how to enhance those features without doing too much to the rest of my face that can detract from what I want to put on the forefront.

Depending on my mood for the day, I’ll add lashes or just do a swipe of mascara (mostly just mascara because I’m a lazy glam chick lately). But I always add dimension to my eye socket, so they look more intense and striking. Do whatever works for you, but once you know what you want to enhance, you’ll be light-handed on the other areas of your face. Which brings me into my next tip…

3. Conceal Areas That NEED Coverage First


Baaaaabyyyyyyy… You may need to be sitting down for this. I’m gonna break something to you.

You DO NOT NEED to do full coverage foundation everywhere.

Especially if you have a couple dark spots on your face, to avoid the cakey look, only cover the areas of concern. Even where you cover, start with a small amount first, then build it up to your liking. This can be your foundation (or a concealer) that matches your skin tone.

The point is: LESS IS MORE.

I put one squirt of foundation on the back of my hand and dab that around my mouth, outer cheek and jawline. Then I blend a lot, and I would add the remainder of the product on my brush, on my forehead so everything looks even.

I leave the center of my face alone. Why? Because cakey makeup comes from layering on too much products, thus adding texture to the skin. I know I’m gonna conceal that area with a lighter concealer as needed, so why add foundation when the center of my face is naturally lighter anyway? Gotta work smart, luvs.

Anyway, once your base is complete and you’re satisfied with your face, move on to the rest of your makeup.

4. Don’t Underestimate Bronzer/Contour

A lot of people forget that extra products like bronzer, contour, blush and highlighter not only add some coverage to your skin, but texture as well! The key to makeup that looks like skin is to ACTUALLY let some of your skin show. This is why these other products add dimension and shape to your face in a realistic, “I ain’t finna melt off of you” way.

When I’m done adding a light amount foundation to the areas I covered on my face, I like to contour my cheeks to give them some warmth and shape. The same effect is done with a blush on top to add that color to the face. Highlighter is then lavishly placed on the top of my cheeks for a soft lift to my face.

Remember, skin is the focus, so seeing it through your makeup vs. only seeing the makeup is the difference between cakey and skin-like makeup.

5. Facial Mist is The bomb.com


Okay. So you’re done with your makeup and you’re loving it! But wait, you want to be fresh. You want to be fly. You want to be dewy. You want to look like you sweated only a little bit, but not on the greasy areas of your face (AKA the T-Zone).

Refreshing spray, baby.

I am a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of facial mists. Whether it is a setting spray, refresher spray, or any type of hydrating mist, you want to add some moisture to the face and take away any sight of that “powder” look to your face. Simply add some at the end of your makeup application, and you are Gucci. Good tuh go.

BONUS: If I want a really dewy look, I mist my face in-between steps in my makeup routine and let it dry before I continue. Yeah, it's more time consuming, but the results are great!

Congrats hunnie. You are all done. Now go out there with your bad self and let your skin breathe. Take a couple selfies in some bomb natural sunlight. Be flawless, luvs.



Anti-Cake Facedly Yours,

Evie xoxo


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