Hello, hello! Happy December everyone. It’s been quite a while and I am back with some new content. Today we are getting back to basics with skin type! This topic can be really confusing so I wanted to touch on how to figure out your skin type is, and having a better knowledge of what products work best for you. Let’s begin.


Cleanse your face. Dassit.


Skip the products you use after cleansing. Allow your face to sit for 20-30 minutes. We want to see the skin return to its natural state.


Okay, now the fun part. Really examine your skin. What do you notice? We’re not all made up like Taraji above, but let’s break it down further below.

You have OILY skin if...

It is shiny and/or slick to the touch, occasional breakouts

Product Suggestions: gel and liquid formulas

You have DRY skin if...

It is feeling tight, flaky even

Product Suggestions: lotion and cream formulas
You have COMBINATION skin if...

It is all over the place chile (LOL!) oily in center of face (t-zone), dry elsewhere

Product suggestions: target oily areas with gel/liquids + replenish dryness with light lotions/serums
You have NORMAL skin if...

There are no signs of flaking or oiliness

Product suggestions: stick with lightweight formulas, heavier formulas at night

The Young Take-Away

Your skin is unique. There’s levels to this and each type may vary. Please remember that ANY skin type can breakout. There’s no discrimination there.

Sidebar: skin type is not the same as skin concerns. The most common skin concerns are: Wrinkles, uneven tone, redness, etc…

I hope this was helpful in your skincare journey. Winter is coming! Leave some questions and comment below. You fly young thang, you.


Educationally Yours,

Evie xoxo

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