#1 The physical changes don’t mean squat if the mentality isn’t changed.

‘The glow up’ is widely recognized as a physical transformation. You know, the side-by-side photos with the ugly duckling into a swan concept. that is an important part of growth and our self-esteem, but what if i told you that there was a piece to it that is greater?


For one to even transform physically, it has to be in you first and foremost before it comes out of you. what is inside, reflects the outside. That sounds like common sense, but it’s a bit more deeper than that.

The mental glow up is as important–if not the most important–as the physical glow up.

Think of it as a diet. you can lose 30 lbs by following a diet, but gain it all back and then some, because your relationship with food is still the same. Diets aren’t sustainable, but lifestyle changes are. All of that starts–you guessed it–in the mind.

I believe that once you align with the right mental focus, everything else comes into place. The physical glow is simply a representation of the inner glow. When both of that is on point, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. But if the mental mindset is out of order, you may go back to where you started, and most of the time, you can be even be worse off then where you started.

No backsliding, We cannot partake.

#2 You must clean house. If you don’t do it, life will force you to.

We were introduced to mindset in the first concept, but what does that look like exactly? Well, that is a personal question. By “personal” I mean you knowing who you are as a person and if you’re not there yet, what steps must be in order for you to get there? Are you letting others order your steps or are you ordering your steps?

Let’s step into your house.

Not a physical house, but your mental space, your social space, whatever you allow to add influence into your life and the lens of how you view your life.

Before autumn started, I did a revamp of my wardrobe. I’m not a hoarder by any means, but I fully understood the freedom people feel when they get their spaces de-cluttered. I understand why there is a market and a profession for organizing spaces.

It is a type of calm that is hard to describe, but you get a feeling of how hard it is to let go of a certain dress, those shoes, that blouse you haven’t worn in years because it doesn’t fit anymore, but you swear you’ll fit into it again. Any of this sound familiar? I say that to say, when I packed bags upon bags of stuff that no longer aligned with who i am and where i am going,

I felt free. I suddenly felt like I had room for more. Gone were the days of feeling tense or out of place for having unnecessary things in my space anymore. More clothes are nice if you love shopping (guilty pleasure…or is it really? 🤔). I created room for more abundance, and that is the feeling that will drive you to stay glowed up.

Let go. Stop treating people and things like the period at the end of your sentence. 

What they don’t tell you about glowing up is that when you hold onto things that no longer belong there, it limits the room you have to bring in the things that do belong.

This applies to something bigger than a wardrobe cleanup. This is your life. This is your house. Do your best to keep it in order. Don’t worry about having it all together, but recognizing what aligns with your ‘house’ and what is in misalignment. If anything falls into the latter, let it go. Respectively.

#3 It can be incredibly lonely.

The circumstances of glowing up is loneliness. With growth, comes changes. Interests change. Friendships change. Family relationships change. You know that super cliché saying, “it’s lonely at the top”? I always thought it was corny (i still do 😂) but it is so true.

Sometimes, those around you that are used to the “old” you, don’t like the “new” you because the dynamics of that relationship with said person has changed. It really is nothing personal at all. It’s a moment of realizing that your eyes are open now, and they will never be closed again.

This is also a side effect of cleaning house or else life will force you to. However, I have good news. This time when you are adjusting to the glow up, you really get a feel of who you are and stay in tune with that. You’ll attract like-minded individuals who you’ve least expected into your life. It can be a really hard time if you thrive to be around people all the time, but it can also be not a big deal for folks that know how to be alone. Sidebar: being alone does not mean you’re lonely.

Time to yourself, is precious time, and it is also a season. it won’t last forever.

What I’ve found in my own personal glow up is every time I let go of anything that wasn’t aligned with who I am and what I embody, I’ve experienced exponential clarity and peace after the fact. Was it hard? Absolutely. Was it a true test? You bet. Was I overwhelmed? Girl, you know the answer. Overwhelmed to the max. But man, oh man, I am so happy for the time to myself, building a deeper level of humility to keep to myself more, focusing on maintaining my personal glow up, remaining positive, and shedding that light onto others.

That all takes time, so take your time, and know that these strides take a pace to your liking and the associated feelings are temporary.

#4 You don’t see lack, you don’t see doubt, you no longer partake in such things.

Okay, so this is going to sound like a flex. It’s not, I promise. It’s going to be hard to be friendly, when you know that they envy. These are the tides of life. Remain kind. Remain polite. Remain classy. Here is the caveat, it all depends on what you choose to feed your mindset. Fear can only come out of you if it is in you. Doubt can only come out of you if it is in you. Are you following?

You. Do. Not. Partake.

All of that is going backwards. All we are focusing on post-glow up is how we outdo ourselves and how to become better. Now fair warning, this may not be received well. The key is to not feel the need to broadcast it. Do not brag and do not boast. It is an exciting time to share your ‘glow up’ and give yourself praise, but I am telling you. When you let praise come from the mouth of other people rather than your own, it is much more of a testament of the inner glow up. If feelings of lack and doubt are in you, naturally you will want to puff yourself up because you do not trust that people recognize your glow up.

Fun fact: People see you. People know what time it is. Most will not say it to your face, but your light is shining. Bright.

Glowing up is really about just existing with a silent confidence. There’s no need to boast, there’s no need to get your ego heavily invested. This is bigger than that. This is about creating the life and maintaining the lifestyle you want and deserve.

Energy goes where attention flows. Stop paying attention to things that don’t matter to your glow up. I promise you there are constant distractions and plots to influence you to backslide.

You do not partake. We do not partake.

Part of the values of ‘GLOW FOR A LIVING’ is having a outlook on life of having everything we need. If our energy is on things we do not want, those things will show up. The secret to having everything you want in life is knowing that it is already in your possession.

Now THAT will cost you $5. Just kidding. But I’ll tell you what it won’t cost you, though.

Your peace.

You see prosperity. You see abundance. You glow for a living.

That, darling. Thaaaaaat? That is what they don’t tell you about the glow up.

Thank you for coming to my (unrelated to skincare, but still related to skincare) Ted Talk



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