“So tell me, what do you do?”

That statement above was a reply I said one day to a stranger I met at a day party on a semi-Summer day. I was feeling really joyful by all of the bright energy from the folks in attendance. The sunshine that kissed on all those beautiful faces was a sight to behold. Vivrant tunes blasting in the air, intertwining with the buzz of light banter, laughter, warm vibes and just a glow on everyones faces. The vibe was right that day, so I answered that “What do you do?” question in the most unconventional way (usually folks answer with their occupation, but I don’t follow rules 😉), but hey, it was an honest answer for how I felt in that moment.

“I glow for a living.”

The purpose of this blog is to evoke that “lit from within” feeling as a lifestyle and mentality. For me, skincare has always been my passion since it is a form of self-care for me, but I also have a love of self-development and striving to be the best version of myself. So think of Glow for a Living as an expression of that. Skincare tips with a dash of life tips on glowing up in all aspects of this whirlwind we call life. Because being lit from within is beyond skin deep.

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