1. You don’t adequately wash your face in the morning.


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Let’s face it, everyone knows to wash their face in the morning (at least I hope so). If that consists of just splashing water on your face after a long night then honeyyyyy, sweeeeetie… that may be a contributor to why your skin isn’t at its greatest potential. Now, I have two ways that I wash my face: a gentle, not-so-thorough wash in the morning and a more intensive wash at night (depending if I wore makeup that day or had a full-blown face beat that day). But, for the sake of this post, we’ll talk about the morning routine to keep it simple.

In the morning, a lot of women may do one of two things, splash water on their face and go about their day, or use a harsh cleanser that is usually meant for nighttime use. When we sleep at night, our skin regenerates itself and usually that is when the gunk in our pores rises to the surface and BOOM!–cell turnover happens. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I wake up, my skin usually is pretty dewy, I got some sexy eye-boogers going on, and I also have the occasional mouth crusties from sleeping a little bit too good from the night before (no shame in my game, drooling happens from time to time).

So what do I love to use in the morning? Honey. Yep. I literally get some honey (you can use whatever you have on hand, I recommend raw honey or Manuka honey—the more natural the better) and add a couple drops of water to the palm of my clean, washed hands and rub that onto my skin in circular motions. Then, I let that sit on my skin while I brush my teeth and stuff, so about 2-3 minutes. After that, I wash it off. Then I proceed with the rest of my skincare routine and go about my morning.


2. You go to sleep with makeup on.


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You know better. We all know better. This is one of those habits that fall into the flossing category—we have to do it, but we slip up sometimes. But guess what? When that “sometimes” turns into a pattern, not only do your gums become more on the negative end of the “trash” spectrum, your skin is also going to eventually fall into that category simply by sleeping with makeup on. You see, like I noted in the first reason, our skin regenerates itself overnight. How do you think it feels when the foundation, highlighter and contour is clogging it’s pores. Well…it gets upset, another term for this can be congestion and/or inflammation but either way, a pimple or two might give you a visit due to improper skincare. So please, sis, remove your makeup before you go to bed. You’ll hank me later.


3. You touch your face a lot.

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I was the queen of doing this. Leaning on my hands, feeling for any pimples (active or beneath the surface), which leads me into my next reason…


4. You pop your pimples.

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Stop it. Leave them alone. This too shall pass.


5. Your cell phone is trash.


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Ever wonder why you might break out on the right side of your face more than the other side? (or the left side if you’re left handed.) Well, guess what? Your cell phone actually harbors a lot of bacteria. The average person doesn’t really clean/disinfect their phone screens on a regular basis, so guess what? Your skin gets a buffet of all that bacteria every time someone hits your line. Pretty gross, right? Yeah. This is a sneaky reason that your skin may be taking an L.


6. You don’t use moisturizer. (especially for my oily skin babes!)

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So this is mainly a concern with folks that have oily skin, because there tends to be a misconception of oily skin not needing moisturizer due to a fear of it producing more oil. It’s actually quite the opposite. Did you know that you can have an oily skin type but your skin is actually dehydrated? Yes. It’s a thing. I might get into the difference of moisturizers vs. hydrators in a future post, but let’s get into the reason why your oily skin needs a moisturizer.

All skin produces sebum, which gives you that natural glisten and gleam with no effort. However, for most folks, this isn’t so flattering when the sebum is O.D. on your face. When you don’t wear moisturizer after cleansing your skin, you’re not replenishing the skin with the moisture lost after stripping the skin with the cleanser used. So your skin does the following: REACT. In fact, she’s freaking out. She’s like “Um, honey. We dry over here, we gotta call our homegirl sebum over to the crib to get this handled.” Then, we have an over-production of oil on our skin, which can lead to clogged pores and the skin becoming more acne-prone. Now we don’t want that do we? Use a moisturizer. Sebum is still inevitable, but it’s bearable and in the amount your skin needs, not in excess.


7. Your eating habits are trash.


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You are what you eat. Cliché as ever, but my oh my… if that ain’t the truth. Now I’m not going to shove down your throat about how much water you should be drinking, nor am I going to tell you to eat a certain diet that some celebrity endorsed. What I WILL do however, is tell you what works for me. I found that when I stopped eating foods that encourages inflammation and congestion, my skin changed and was a direct reflection of those good habits.

I’m a huge tea gal, but I used to put milk in my black tea. One day I decided to stop consuming dairy just to decrease some bloating I was having. GWORL. When I tell you that my skin was on Team Gleam and Glisten. Baaaaby! I knew something was up with me changing my eating habits and how it correlated to how my body felt and how my skin looked.

I started eating less acidic foods, so fried foods, added sugars, etcetera, etcetera (basically all the “bad” stuff). I started to eat more whole foods, more alkaline foods, but I would still have a treat here and there, and even if I went overboard or had a bad week of eating, I always drank a bunch of tea (mainly green and herbal varieties) and spring water, and my skin would be fine. I might have a breakout or two here and there, but I’m prepared for that. I’ve got the ammo ready for breakouts.


8. You don’t have a routine for your skincare needs.

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It’s important to have a skincare routine for your skin type. I’m not really too much of a “type” kind of gal because I don’t like the boxes that conventional skincare culture tends to put people in. Which is why I have used “skincare needs” as a term instead. I’m only concerned with having clear, glowing, bright, radiant skin. So I have a skincare routine that suits my specific needs based on trial and error, and seeing what my skin likes and what results I get. Now there are so many skincare routines on the internet. YouTube got a library of bare faces in slow-motion with the beauty guru jingle as the background music. You know that jingle, it’s a whole movement of slow-motion intro music jingles. But anyway, that is besides the point. A routine to me should be simple and easy to follow. For my skincare needs, I break it up into these steps:


Now this is what works for me. Depending on how my skin is feeling, I’ll skip the treatment step. I’ll get into treatments in a future post.


9. You think water is a foreign substance.

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Sometimes it’s okay to be thirsty. Obey thy thirst. Embrace your drip. But our bodies are made up of a good chunk (about 60%) of water.

Drink up.

A good rule of thumb is to drink at lease half of your body weight in ounces per day (i.e. a 150-pound person will drink 75 ounces of water a day).


10. You don’t accept your flaws.


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Okay. So this is the mental part. Being radiant and glowing is a lifestyle to me. The skincare portion of that is an extension of how you feel about yourself internally. As much as these reasons above are “trash” and a bit provocative since I’m calling folks out, remember that your skin is the biggest organ of our bodies, and it works hard to protect us from harm. It’s not perfect, but you have to learn to love those imperfections. You’ve only got one face.

You have to look at yourself in the mirror and be like, “You know what? I got a breakout right now, or my skin is dull and sallow, but this isn’t my identity. This isn’t who I am as a person that contributes to society. My poor self-image doesn’t have to be reality.”

The truth is, YOU create your reality.

If you see something you don’t like in the mirror, you have the power to change it for the better, but it starts with positive self-image. “Trash” skin is when you look at yourself and the negative self talk outweighs the positive self talk. “Trash” skin is when you’re afraid to hold your head up high with or without makeup. “Trash” skin is not accepting the skin created specifically for you! Only you. Every cell.

When I started this blog, it was mainly because I’d always get compliments and questions on how beautiful my skin is. But I didn’t see that initially, I had to glow up and see what other people were seeing, and focus on the mentality.

Glow for a Living really came from my attitude about beauty, skincare, wellness and self-esteem. I want women to feel like no matter what pimple decides to camp out on our cheekbones, or that stubborn acne scar that just seems like it’ll never go away, we’ll realize that glowing for a living is the essence of you! Being the best version of yourself. We all want to glow and to be radiant, we want perfect skin, we want that “lit from within” look. But being lit from within is beyond skin deep. It’s all about your mentality. The rest will follow one day at a time.

Trashily Yours,

Evie ✨

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